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name: Pico Performances
date: from 28 June 2012

description: on site performances with pico projector/ mobile phone using interactive sound software

name: Speedshow @ Dixons Amsterdam
date: 25 May 2012
work left:
work right :

name: Passage through an 8 bit color palette
version: touchscreen
date: 18 Jan 2012
type: interactive html
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movie :

name: MSSR
date: 8 sept 2011
description: multibeam installation @ GOGBOT Nieuwe Kerk, Enschede, the Netherlands

name: epi generator mk5
date: 31 jan 2011
description: touchscreen application for android 2.2 or higher

name: OEM
date: 14 nov 2010
location: Bijlmerdreef, Amsterdam, Netherlands
description: projection of realtime software piece OEM

name: OSZW
date: 24 sept 2010
location: Kamer Laakkwartier, the Hague, Netherlands
description: interactive software on notebook

name: n-engine*2
date: 29 may 2010 - 14 july 2010
location: Arti, Amsterdam
description: dual video beam installation using n-engine software

name: NO 71
date: 11 may 2009 - 15 may 2009
location: Art Amsterdam 2009
Booth: Reinier van Ewijk projects
description: special software that can be controlled by the keys of the notebook's keyboard.

name: C-MOSS
date: 28 march 2009 - 02 may 2009
location: Galerie van den Berge, Goes
type: software program, videobeam
more info:

name: pvq
date: 03 oct 2008
location: SBK, Arnhem
type: installation 3x computer
description: installation

name: visual target
date: 08 may 2008 - 05 july 2008
location: Unfinished Business, Graz
description: computer software + beamer

name: square*10
date: 24 octber 2007
location: PC Bang, Seoul, Korea
type: multi-touch installation
description: software

name: seq3*2
date: 08 may 2007 - 05 july 2007
location: Buro Empty, Amsterdam
type: 2 x notebook
description: computer software

name: Secondary Colors
dates: 18 august 2006 - 17 september 2006
location: Electron, Breda
type: installation
more info: secondary colors

name: blokker M5
date: 15, 16, 17 june 2006
location: Sonar 2006, Barcelona, Spain
type: notebook + software

name: formulas
date: 15 dec 2005
location: Consortium, Amsterdam
type: movie
more info:

name: rationalizer4*3
date: 04 dec 2005
location: Time Canvas, Muhka, Antwerp
type: installation 3x notebook, 90° turned

name: zonder titel (untitled)
date: 03 december 2005
location: Time Canvas, Muhka, Antwerp
type: interactive software on notebook
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